Vitali, Tomaso Antonio - Chaconne in G minor Arranged by Alena Lugovkina (Published by Just Flutes)

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Tomaso Antonio Vitali (1663 - 1745) was an Italian composer and violinist from Bologna, the eldest son of Giovanni Battista Vitali.

He is known mainly for this famous Chaconne in G minor, written originally for violin and continuo. It was published from a manuscript in the Sachsische Landebibliothek in Dresden in Die Hoch Schule des Violinspiels (1867) edited by German violinist Ferdinand David.

The work's wide-ranging modulations into distant keys have raised speculation that it could not be a genuine baroque work! 

“Baroque or not? ”

Chris Hankin Just Flutes staff member 

This is the first published arrangement by the celebrated young flute player Alena Lugovkina and it's very good indeed! The piece is a bit of a mystery. Either Vitali was way ahead of his time, or there is a mistake with his dates, as this Chaconne is clearly more technically and harmonically demanding than you might normally expect from a Baroque work.  Alena has transcribed the flute part to capture all of the virtuosity that Vitali gave to the original, in the process allowing us access to an work of enormous power. Highly recommended!



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