Case Batons Australia

Case Batons was founded by Laurie Case in the late 80s.  He was an Instrumental Music Teacher in rural Queensland and his baton broke. Fortunately, he was kindly shown the tricks of the wood lathe by a friend, Llew Seymour from the local Highschool in Kingaroy. 

From this humble beginning Case Batons was nurtured and honed by Laurie and it brought him tremendous joy for many years in creating and supplying something simple yet profoundly important to virtually any musical/choral ensemble leader.  

Sadly we lost Laurie to cancer in 2012 and we, his family endeavour to continue in the tradition which he founded.

Conductors from Mt Isa to Melbourne, and from as far as London and Zurich (and all points in between) have had batons made for them by Case Batons.  Instrumental Music Students will pop in and pick a nice glossy shaped heel for their bandmasters for gifts.    

We are a small family business interested in producing beautiful and functional batons and accessories for Conductors throughout Australia and the world.

Be assured you are purchasing an exclusive and individual piece handcrafted and balanced for optimal performance - form and function interwined.  




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