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UEBEL – Fine Clarinets since 1936

In 1936, F. Arthur Uebel, son of the clarinet manufacturer Friedrich Gustav Uebel, established his own workshop in Markneukirchen, Germany. After the death of his “old master”, Oskar Oehler, he carried on the tradition of manufacturing “state of the art” clarinets under the brand of F. Arthur Uebel.

With the introduction of the new French system (Boehm) ­clarinets in 2006, Uebel Clarinets truly set a new standard in sound, ergonomics and response.

With great dedication and attention to detail, they combined high quality materials, such as time dried Grenadilla, traditional instrument building knowledge, outstanding craftsmanship, and state of the art technology to create a new line of clarinets that has enchanted players all over the world.

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