Various -  Klezmer Flute Duets for 2 flutes

Various - Klezmer Flute Duets for 2 flutes

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A quality selection of intermediate-level arrangements

Intermediate arrangements for flute duet of klezmer music, including some original pieces by Michael Lösch. A great introduction to the klezmer style.

  • Traditional: Mazel tov
  • Traditional: Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym
  • Lösch Michael: Revenge
  • Traditional: Klezmeron
  • Traditional: Lebedik
  • Traditional: L’Chaim
  • Lösch Michael: Klezmer Fantasy
  • Traditional: Der Heyser Bulgar
  • Traditional: Tish Nigun
  • Lösch Michael: Seven Steps
  • Lösch Michael: Klezmer Inventions
  • Lösch Michael: Lament
  • Traditional: Oi Tate

Klezmer music is a continually evolving style yet with firm traditional roots in the past. It is full of catchy tunes while allowing for a wide range of interpretations that cannot always be written down in all their subtleties. In “Klezmer Flute Duets”, Michael Lösch has made arrangements, for two flutes, of his personal selection from this huge repertoire of traditional pieces and added five of his own compositions inspired by this evocative music.



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