Third Culture(Flute & Guitar World Music )

Third Culture(Flute & Guitar World Music )

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Brilliant World Music Flute & Guitar Album: Classical & Non-classical music from around the world with Original Australian Chamber Music Fusion created and performed by flautist Jane Rutter and jazz guitarist/composer John Huie. Third Culture refers to children who spent a significant part of their formative years outside their parents 2019 culture. Belonging to many places, they merge their birth culture with their adopted culture, creating their own: The Third Culture. The music on this album represents a similar union of diverse styles. 'Friends and fans often ask about POSH, the group I formed with John Huie, before my solo career. Third Culture echoes the musical roots of our early fusion chamber group. It's wonderful to revisit our musical past with such a relevant, contemporary recording. Playing John's beautiful pieces & arrangements is a joy.' -Jane Rutter 



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