The Young Flute Player Book 1

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Student Book 1

Here’s a book for beginners, with everything you need to start playing the flute!  The Young Flute Player has a clear layout, easy-to-read notation and cartoon pictures - perfect for beginners.


There is a wide range of music by composers such as Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Offenbach, Mozart, plus traditional tunes from around the world, and a section of festive music.


To help young players practise, there are FREE YOUTUBE recordings for every piece, as well as piano backing tracks and duet recordings.


The progressive units introduce new material gradually, and the exercises and scales are directly related to the pieces. 


In addition to pieces, exercises, studies and recordings, The Young Flute Player also features:

  • Easy-to-read fingering charts for every note of the flute

  • Photo guides for assembling the flute and cleaning the flute

  • Manuscript paper

  • Practice charts

  • Scales chart

  • Theory reference section

  • Note recognition games and composition activities

  • NEW! Graduation Certificate - FREE download here


  • Beginner-Preliminary level 

  • 68 pages

  • 41 exercises (including tone development) and studies  

  • 38 pieces

  • Time signatures 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, C, introduction of 6/8

  • Pitch range from E bottom line of staff to A above staff

  • Scales – 5 note F Major, 5 note G Major, octave G major, F major, E minor, D minor,
    F chromatic

  • Introduction of tonguing, slurs, ties, staccato, mezzo staccato





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