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The Techniques of Flute Playing: v. 2 : Piccolo, Alto and Bass

The Techniques of Flute Playing: v. 2 : Piccolo, Alto and Bass

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Following on the great success of the first volume, this second book systematically explains the full technical and timbral potential of the piccolo, also and bass flutes. The techniques are presented with instructive examples from the modern flute repertoire that also serve to illustrate peculiarities of notation. Useful tips for practising are presented as an aid to performance.

The CD allows you to compare your playing with recordings by Carin Levine. The volume is an indispensable and practical tool for composers, performers and teachers.

  • Comprehensive and systematic presentation of all relevant techniques for playing contemporary music on the piccolo, alto and bass flutes
  • Clear explanations of timbral peculiarities
  • Helpful suggestions for experimentation
  • CD with recorded examples
  • Illustrative musical examples with excerpts from contemporary works
  • Previously tested on all standard models of piccolo, alto and bass flutes
  • German and English text


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