The Baroque and Classical Flute

The Baroque and Classical Flute

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12 Favorite Pieces by the Masters for Flute & Piano


This beautiful collection features works for flute and piano in a newly engraved, clean edition complete with composer biographies and historical notes. It contains pieces by C.P.E. Bach, J.S. Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Quantz and Telemann, plus a foreword on performing baroque music.

  • Sonata in A minor (solo) CPE Bach
  • Partita in A minor (solo) J S Bach
  • Sonata No.2 in E-flat major J S Bach
  • Suite in B minor (selected movements) J S Bach
  • Sonata No.8 in F major G.F Handel
  • Serenade in C major F J Haydn
  • Andante in C major K315 W A Mozart
  • Concerto No.1 in G manor K 313 (first movement) W A Mozart
  • Concerto No.2 in D major K314 (Second and third movements) W A Mozart
  • Sonata No. 1 in A minor J J Quantz
  • Fantasie No.2 in A minor (solo) G P Telemann
  • Suite in A minor (selected movements) G P Telemann


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