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Designed and made in France.


2 years warranty.

The electronic wind instrument. Expand your sound palette, with headphones or amplified.

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One Sylphyo, endless possibilities. Breathe life into your music, touch and move to refine your tone. Your Sylphyo conveys the subtlest of your nuances, with the feeling of an acoustic wind instrument.


Play everywhere: at home, on stage, or on the plane, without bothering anyone. Pull your Sylphyo out of your bag, turn it on, and strike up the band!

Easy to use

The Sylphyo is meant for everyone. It's a perfect first step into the world of wind instruments. You'll be able to improve at your own pace, and with all the possible sounds and nuances there's always something new to learn!

Add a Link to turn your Sylphyo into a wireless instrument, or buy the full package at a great price.

Technical details

  • Electronic wind instrument
  • High-precision breath control with wide dynamic range
  • Selectable fingerings adapted from various wind instruments (recorder, clarinetflute, saxophone, oboe, trumpet, bagpipe, whistle, EWI…)
  • Slider and touch-sensitive keys for pitch-bend and timbre control
  • Inertial control sensors for vibrato and timbre control
  • Internal sound engine with headphones output
  • MIDI through USB (compatible with PC, Mac, iOS)
  • Free internal software and sound engine updates
  • Becomes wireless when used with a Link receiver
  • 6 hours battery life
  • 43 cm (17")
  • 395 gr (0.87 lbs)
  • Designed and made in France
  • EAN Barcode: 7112031219320
  • Included in the package: Sylphyo, removable mouthpiece, USB cable, and USB charger

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