Swift, Marla - Finding the rhythm in music

Swift, Marla - Finding the rhythm in music

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"Finding the Rhythm in Music" is a wonderful Australian publication. It is beautifully presented in full colour throughout and is very modern and logical in the way it has been laid out. I'd have to say that this is one of the best new tutors that I've seen.

The publication features a sturdy hard cover and is filled with acknowledgements, introductory notes and "real life" appraisals.

1. A Beat, Crotchets, Minims and Semibreves 
2. Quavers, Dotted Rhythm and Cut Common Time 
3. Off-Beat Rhythms, Semiquavers, Triplets and Swing 
4. Compound Time, Demisemiquavers and Hemidemisemiquavers 
5. Runs, Irregular Time Signatures, Double Dotted Rhythm and Ornaments

Highly recommended by someone of Australia's top orchestral musicians and educators.



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