Stringstastic Level 2 - Cello

Stringstastic Level 2 - Cello

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  • Level 2 provides students (ages 6-11) with a solid foundation in music theory through the eyes of a string player. Here is where students learn how to bring their music playing to life through the use of dynamics, articulation, change of speed, etc.

    Level 2 workbook features these concepts and more!

    • NOTE & REST VALUES – Quaver note(s) and rest (Worldwide). | eighth note(s) and rest. (US/Canada)
    • PATTERNS – Note movement (step and skip), finger patterns, semitone, and tone
    • SCALES – Major scales and arpeggios
    • ANALYSIS – Simple Musical Concepts, Terms, Symbols, Signs (tempo, dynamics, etc)
    • EXTRA – lowered 2nd finger and 4th finger (viola & viola), and 2nd finger and backward extension (cello)



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