Selected Australian Flute Works (ANZCA)

Selected Australian Flute Works (ANZCA)

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13 works listed on the ANZCA Flute Syllabus 2010. Grades 4-Assoc Dip Performance as published by Wirripang. Includes a CD of all works and separate book of parts.
Modern Flute
1. Nawang Wulan, Guardian of Earth and Rice (Betty Beath), c.2'30, grade 5
Classical Flute
2. Blinding Moon, (Amanda Handel), c.2'05, grade 4
3. Dream Tune,(Amanda Handel), c.3'15, grade 4
both from Nightscapes
4. From a Bridge of Dreams (Betty Beath), c.3'30, grade 5
5. Ann and Del in Oz (Ann Carr-Boyd), c.5'00, grade 5
6. By the Lily Pond, (Horace Keats arr Brennan Keats), c.4'00, grade 5
7. Mermaids (Horace Keats arr Brennan Keats), c.1'25, grade 5
Both 6 and 7 from the album Quiet Waters
8. Echo for Flute and Piano (Horace Keats, c.2'50, grade 6
9. Moonlight Mirage (Amanda Handel), c.3'50, grade 6
10. Over the Quiet Waters (Horace Keats arr Brennan Keats), c.2'10, grade 7
11. Sea Breeze (Horace Keats arr Brennan Keats), c.0'55, grade 7
Both 10 and 11 from the album Quiet Waters
Assoc Dip Performance
12. Driftwood (Amanda Handel), c. 10'00
13. Vapours of Delphi, (Amanda Handel) c.7'00

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