Scott, Andy - Respectfully Yours (flute & piano) (Astute Music)

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Respectfully Yours was commissioned by Fabian Bloch, the original version is scored for euphonium and piano, and recorded on his debut CD ‘Drive’.

Andy Scott had the privilege of collaborating on a number of occasions with  composer/pianist Richard Rodney Bennett, and composed Respectfully Yours in memory of RRB, who passed away in December 2012.
The composer writes;  “Some pieces that I compose need to stay in their original version, however with the melodic lines and jazz-influenced harmony of ‘Respectfully Yours’ it felt appropriate to bring a piece which is essentially a simple ‘thank you’ to Richard Rodney Bennett, for being an inspirational musician and kind and generous person, to a wider audience.“

This flute and piano version of ‘Respectfully Yours’ is dedicated to the British flautist Paul Edmund-Davies, and was premiered by Paul at Oji Hall, Tokyo, Japan on 23rd March 2016. It continues an on-going collaboration between Andy & Paul which has seen the recording of the CD The Bad Tempered Flute- the flute music of Andy Scott (with fellow flautists Clare Southworth & Andy Findon) Nimbus Alliance NI 6156



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