Schott Flute Library (original pieces for Flute & Piano)

Schott Flute Library (original pieces for Flute & Piano)

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This edition presents a selection of original works from 300 years of flute history — from Baroque to Classical modernism — in a range of styles with well-known works alongside other delights to discover. With 16 pieces including 7 complete sonatas, the anthology is a comprehensive repertory representing great value for money: a great resource for audition or competition pieces.


  • Sonata in G major TWV 41:G9 (Telemann)
  • Sonata in ~E minor QV 2:21 (Quantz)
  • Sonata in A major Op.1/8 (Guignon)
  • Sonata in G major Op.3/1 (Benda)
  • Hamburger Sonata Wq. 133/H.564 (CPE Bach)
  • Sonata in G major Op.21/3 (Hoffmeister)
  • Sonata in A minor (Drouet)
  • Elegie in Ab major Op.47 (Boehm)
  • The Shepherd's Song MWV R.24 (Mendelssohn)
  • Variations on a Theme by Rossini (Chopin)
  • Russian Gypsy Song Op.462/2 (Popp)
  • Adagio Cantabile Op.31 (Fontaine)
  • Introduction, Theme & Variations Op.56/TrV 76 (Strauss)
  • Pan Op.27/1 (Roussel)
  • Echo (Hindemith)
  • Romance Op.69e (Hummel)


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