Rouse , C - Flute Concerto Flute and Piano (B&H)

Rouse , C - Flute Concerto Flute and Piano (B&H)

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Composer's Note
"I completed my first flute concerto in Fairport, New York on August 15, 1993. The five-movement work was composed for Carol Wincenc, who also commissioned it.

The concerto, in a general sense at least, was inspired by my reactions to and reflections upon the Celtic tradition, though in no sense is the piece intended to be heard as music to a specific program.

Although both of my parents' families immigrated to America well before the Revolutionary War, I nonetheless still feel a deep ancestral tug of recognition whenever I am exposed to the arts and traditions of th British Isles, particularly those of Celtic origin. Perhaps the Jungian concept of 'genetic memory' is at work here, but the kinship I feel with the heritage - reflected in musical sources as distinct as Irish folk songs, Scottish bagpipe music, and English coronation marches - never fails to summon forth from me a profoundly intense reaction of both recognition and homesickness."

- Christopher Rouse



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