Rondofile Jot(10 sheets)

Rondofile Jot(10 sheets)

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10 sheets displays up to 20 A4 pages.

The JOT folder (NEW product) is the same as the Rondofile A4 folder, the only difference is inside there are 10 x Rondofile A4 sheets. It is available in blue and green covers. Please note the quality of the Rondofile sheets inside the JOT folder is the same high quality as the Rondofile 20 & Rondofile 30 folders. Besides music, this product is design to provide a slimmer display filing folder for general all-purpose use, as well as for those musicians and all alike who do not require so many sheets.
  • Score sheets (sport/recreational)
  • Progress notes and reports (personal/professional/recreational & fitness)
  • Handwriting and note taking, recipes
  • Portfolios and presentations
  • Brochures; pamphlets; information sheets; small/medium/A4 sizes
  • Many more

Rondofile files away, neatly and securely, almost anything that needs to be displayed!



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