Romantic Flute Virtuosos Vo 2 EMB

Romantic Flute Virtuosos Vo 2 EMB

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The series 300 YEARS OF FLUTE MUSIC was compiled with the history of music and the instrument in mind. The Early Baroque (Z. 13533) presents the beginnings, the Italian Baroque (Z. 13534) collates the Mediterranean style with the German, French and Netherlandish art of The High Baroque (Z. 13535). The volume entitled The Second Half of the 18th Century (Z. 13536) illustrates the end phase of the Baroque as well as the rise of Classicism. The Vienna Classics (Z. 13537) draws on the works of the "three great masters" only. The two volumes of Romantic Flute Virtuosos (Z. 13538 and Z. 13539) contain works by German and French composers.

Tulou, Jean Louis: Grand solo
op. 96 no. 13
Borne, Francois: Fantaisie brillante sur Carmen (sur l'opera de G. Bizet)
Taffanel, Claude-Paul: Fantaisie (sur l'opera de C. M. von Weber ôDer Freischützö)
Taffanel, Claude-Paul: Andante pastoral et Scherzettino
Demersseman, J.: Solo de Concert
op. 82 no. 6


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