Rae, James - Easy Jazzy Duets - Flutes for 2 flutes (Universal)

Rae, James - Easy Jazzy Duets - Flutes for 2 flutes (Universal)

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This collection of easy duets for two flutes has been written to enable players at an early stage of their musical development to tackle first encounters with jazz without great difficulty. In these pieces, designed for young players, the parts are of equal difficulty and the melodic interest is shared throughout. For ease of reading the parts have been printed on separate pages. Chord symbols have also been included in the second part for keyboard or guitar accompaniment. The 'Easy Jazzy Duets' provide a perfect stepping-stone to the abundance of solo and duet material in the 'Jazzy Series' for intermediate players.
  • Short 'n' sweet
  • Copycat
  • Fortune cookie blues
  • Feeling free
  • Going up?
  • Fly by night
  • Birds of a feather
  • Bouncing back
  • Over to you
  • On and on

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