Peter Sheriden - Sonorous Sonatas

Peter Sheriden - Sonorous Sonatas

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Sonorous Sonatas

Peter Sheridan's vision for this project was to bring the larger, lower sounding flutes to the centre stage, and in so doing, challenging their sound production and ability to create colourful sonic shapes in one of the most traditional Western musical forms: the Sonata.

For many flutists, holding an alto or bass flute up for more than a few minutes can be rather difficult and challenging. There are new designs to assist in this physical impediment and one only hopes that new players, both young and old, will begin their journey of exploration with the low flutes; not allowing any physical restraints to impede their enjoyment of a whole new world of flute sounds.

These giant flutes are capable of sustaining our musical interest and attention for more than the standard three to five minute compositions. Peter says: "sound waves become quite interesting and complex the closer they approach the limits of human hearing (20,000 Hz – 16 Hz). It is these extreme frequencies I wish to introduce or re-invite into your musical ear and library."

These compositions create a sonorous world worthy of full attentive listening, and will intrigue and excite your aural senses. To create sounds that have shape, duration, intensity and colour is nothing short of miraculous. And to notate these sounds and reproduce them long after their first creation is certainly special to the study and performance of art music.

Sound floats for long periods of time in the brain and inner ear; far after the vibrations cease to exist in the actual air ... the ‘Sonorous Effect’.

As ripples on a pond carry energy across the smooth surface of the water, so does musical sound. Vibrations resonate around our minds, our planet and even throughout the galaxy!



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Track Listing

Music for a Lost Planet (2009) Gary Schocker

    1. Above 3:08
    2. Below 5:14
    3. Burn 1:13
    4. Float 3:39
    5. Song Without Words (2013) Expressive and relaxed Jane Hammond 3:21

Owis Sfutel (2012) Taran Carter

    1. Adagio 2:44
    2. Allegretto 4:58
    3. Con Molto Energy 4:50
    4. Largo 1:48
    5. Adagio 2:45
    6. Elegia Tranquillo, senza tempo Jelle Hogenhuis 7:27

Sonata, Op.99 (2008) Andrew Downes

    1. Largo e espressivo 5:07
    2. Allegretto con moto 4:44
    3. Adagio con amore 5:19
    4. Allegro Brilliante 5:09

Forest Over Sea (2013) Carolyn Morris

  1. Awakening 4:24
  2. Skylarking 3:52
  3. Turquoise Sea 4:03
  4. Ocean Ride 2:30
  5. Clumsy Dances, No.6 (2011) A Clumsy Gigue Houston Dunleavy 2:06




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