Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach for Flute & Piano (Universal)

Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach for Flute & Piano (Universal)

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The famous collection of little pieces, also known as 'Clavierbüchlein der Anna Magdalena Bach' provided J.S. Bach with valuable material for teaching the inter-pretation of the music of his time. Generations of piano teachers after him have also used his collection of pieces to teach Baroque style. Now flautists with these new arrangements for flute and piano can be introduced to the rules of Baroque articulation, ornamentation and dynamics and perhaps they will stimulate an ongoing interest in the vast repertoire of Baroque flute music.

An ideal introduction to Baroque techniques and interpretation.

  • Petzold, Christian: Nr. 4 Menuet BWV Anh. 114
  • Petzold, Christian: Nr. 5 Menuet BWV Anh. 115
  • Anonymus: Nr. 10 Polonaise BWV Anh. 119
  • Anonymus: Nr. 14 Menuet BWV Anh. 120
  • Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel: Nr. 16 Marche BWV Anh. 122
  • Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel: Nr. 18 Marche BWV Anh. 124
  • Anonymus: Nr. 21 Menuet fait par Mons. Böhm
  • Anonymus: Nr. 22 Musette BWV Anh. 126
  • Anonymus: Nr. 36 Menuet BWV Anh. 132
  • Petzold, Christian: Bourrée


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