Moyse, M - Tone Development Through Interpretation for the Flute

Moyse, M - Tone Development Through Interpretation for the Flute

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The study of expression, vibrato. color, suppleness and their application to different styles.


  1. A: Low register, soft dynamic
  2. B: Low register, loud dynamic
  3. C: Low register, diversified expression
  4. D: High register, suppleness in soft dynamics
  5. E: Low to middle registers, suppleness, delicacy and color variation
  6. F: All three registers, fullness of tone
  7. G: All three registers, diversified expression
  8. H: Interpretation of classical pieces

The following pieces contained within the album have an optional piano accompaniment:

  • Messager 'Fortunio'
  • Delibes 'Lakme'
  • Bizet 'L'Arlesienne'
  • Verdi arr. Moyse 'Il Trovatore'
  • Massenet 'Werther'
  • Bruneau 'L'Attaque du Moulin'
  • Donizetti 'Don Pasquale'
  • Bach 'Violin Sonata no. 2 - Andante'


Chris Hankin

Marcel Moyse was passionate about the flute and the voice, and in this wonderful book he uses operatic tunes to explore the core principals of instrumental expression. The book is divided into sections which cover aspects of each register, for example low register dynamics and the suppleness of soft playing at the top of the flute. Famous arias such as the Flower Song from Carmen form the backbone of the book but there are other gems too. Massenet's Meditiation from Thais, orchestral tunes from Weber and Saint Saens and folk songs such as The Last Rose of Summer are just some of the great tunes that keep the repertoire varied. The only real critiria Moyse applied was that all the exercises should be lyrical. The challenges are can be exacting, especially the tranposition which can completely alter the sound and make it difficult to reproduce the colour of the original key. However, Moyse's skill in choosing his repertoire and the sheer beauty of the music ensure that you can revisit this book many, many times over and always find something fresh to work on and enjoy. It also guarantees that you will use it as long as ever you play the flute. This is an iconic book which has already stood the test of time.



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