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Mower, M - The Modern Flute Player

Mower, M - The Modern Flute Player

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40 Exciting graded pieces for solo flute from British grades 1-8 in different styles.
ABRSM Syllabus pieces included as follows:
Grade 1 Straight to the Point or Knock Knock
Grade 2 Waltzlet

This is a gem of a book from Mike Mower. There are 40 little pieces here ranging from a simple tune for a beginner right through to some tricky numbers requiring good rhythm and flute technique at an intermediate level. Written in his own inimitable style, a mixture of classical and jazz, this is a book you can return to many times over. With titles such as 'You Know It's Good For You' which is based on traditional scalic patterns and the very upbeat 'Psychopation' you can't really go wrong!


  • Quirky Quails
  • Straight to the Point
  • Blue Truth
  • Knock Knock
  • Tiptoe through the Turnips
  • Susie Sushi
  • Waltzlet
  • Rocker-Bye Babe
  • Stately Dance
  • Jolly Hikers
  • Wistfully
  • Le Petit Chien
  • Streatham Stan
  • The Whole Tooth
  • Be Meaningful
  • Lilter
  • Mango Tango
  • Dm Swing
  • Swingloader
  • Pikey Polka
  • Tectonic Groove
  • Dos Mas
  • Jauntless Jig
  • You Know It's Good For You
  • Bucolioc Bounce
  • It's Bop, Not Pop
  • A Rising Tide
  • Potboiler
  • Answer The Question
  • Patent Patterns
  • Best Mates
  • May the Fourth Be With You
  • Trike
  • Dop Dop Boobah
  • Berg
  • Pentamental Journey
  • Horizontal Hold
  • Quite Dim
  • Aw Now C'mon!
  • Psychopation




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