Morello , Nicola - Sonata for flute and piano

Morello , Nicola - Sonata for flute and piano

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As in this particular historical era of isolation, every movement of this Sonata is a world on its own, isolated and connected to the others at the same time, where melodies have an intimate need to reach their climax, but without any possibility. So, while the piano part flows continuously, the flute has only one possibility: to fold its melodies that try to take flight, fragmenting its musical phrases in a tired and fixed vision. So the struggle of this constriction resolves always in short opening of despair, like in the final part of the sonata, or in a sober and foggy spleen, like in the second movement. This sonata has to be played as in the intimacy of yourselves, like a background for a gray day of light rain. Nicola Morello

It is increasingly difficult for a musician to find the opportunity to perform a “pure” composition. I do not mean in a technically and musically perfect way, but in a way that is completely disconnected from traditions accumulated over decades or centuries of history, tradition, executive practice and aesthetics. This Flute Sonata, composed by Nicola Morello, gives a chance to experiment timbres and sounds of the flute, letting be guided by the feelings imprinted on the pentagram by the composer, clear of influences of any genre, letting the flutist to look for an own style, a personal voice, in a music which actualizes a mix between romantic and impressionistic style, conveying emotions directly to the audience. Michele Pignolo



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