Monash University Flute Ensemble - Fantasie Australis

Monash University Flute Ensemble - Fantasie Australis

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Fantasie Australis

This recording features compositions by living Australian composers, mostly whom are based in Melbourne, Victoria. It is performed by the Monash Flute Ensemble directed by Peter Sheridan. The flute ensemble repertoire of Australia is rather minor compared to other national musical genres, though the country has a rich and vibrant source of fine woodwind composers.

A strong growing interest in the extended flute ensemble is taking place here in Australia and worldwide, as multi-award winning composers are exploring and investigating the sonic possibilities of the extended flute family with fresh ears. This album displays a variety of musical styles from driving rhythmic pieces to works based around pure lyricism and improvisation. These imaginative creations can take the listener on a journey into the Australian landscape, to explore the wild bird-calls, the driving the waves, and the howling southern winds of a land as old as time. Australia is a land filled with natural sounds that can permeate the psyche and open new thoughts of sonic possibilities.

This recording provides both student performers and composers the opportunity to experience, and publicise their musical training and aptitudes on the international stage. It is our vision that this CD will inspire new generations of composers and performers to explore the traditional sounds of the Western flute, as well as showcase the abilities of the power and sensitivity of the entire flute family.


Track Listing

    1. Fanfare for Uncommon Flutes Houston Dunleavy 2:53
    2. Fantasie Australis Vincent Giles 4:13
    3. Chaconne for double flute choir Vaughan McAlley 5:54
    4. Aerofoil Thomas Reiner 4:32
    5. Milford Fall Houston Dunleavy 5:12
    6. Blow Pipes Russell Gilmour 3:45

Roses: Popourri of Pain and Peace (2011) Emma Rogers

  1. I. Elegant Utterances 3:15
  2. II. Breath 2:25
  3. III. Crimson 4:02
  4. IV. Fragments of Dance 2:20
  5. Fragments Vincent Giles 6:28
  6. Angry Tunes Michal Rosiak 3:30
  7. Improvised Fragments (take two) Vincent Giles 1:50


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