Magic Flute Flute Ensemble 1 Book/CD

Magic Flute Flute Ensemble 1 Book/CD

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The two volumes of Flute Ensemble (UE 31912 and UE 32652) present a musical overview from Renaissance to the 20th century. Due to the lack of original literature, the author deliberately used several-voiced vocal music, which also provides the ideal sentence structure for flute ensembles, in which all voices stand side by side. As a useful addition and musical guidance and accompaniment for all voices, the playful Playalong CD is used.

Music The Renaissance 
Amor Vittorioso 
Summer canoe 
3 Beautiful things Fine Friderici 
Woman Nightingale Sparkling 
Green Is The May 
Reece your guest 
Ma Mignonne Jeune 
Though Philomela Lost Her Love



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