Lombardo-Ricky - Adventures in Space

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Adventures in Space
Lombardo, R

This composition in traditional notation explores the colors and textures of the flute choir while programmatic in style and content. Your audience and performers will really like this one. It is both fun to play and perform. This descriptive suite includes 5 movements: Journey From Earth, Moonwalkin', Aboard The Luner Explorer, In Search of the Plutonians, Reentry.

This work includes substitute C flute parts for each of the transposing instruments. In a couple of sections, the substitute parts do have a different part than that of the alto flute. This was intentionally done to avoid changes in melody line when writing transposed notes up an octave due to going out of range of the instrument fro the exact transcription.

            • Full Score
            • Part 1 - Piccolo
            • Part 2 - E flat Flute
            • Part 2 - C Flute (Substitute for E flat Flute)
            • Part 3 - C Flute
            • Part 4 - C Flute
            • Part 5 - C Flute
            • Part 6 - Alto Flute
            • Part 6 - C Flute (Substitute for Alto 6)
            • Part 7 - Alto Flute
            • Part 7 - C Flute (Substitute for Alto 7)
            • Part 8 - C or Bass Flute



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