Liebermann , L - Sonata Op 23 for flute/Piano (Presser)

Liebermann , L - Sonata Op 23 for flute/Piano (Presser)

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The Sonata for Flute and Piano op. 23 was written in 1987 for flutist Paula Robison as the result of a commission from the Spoleto Festival Chamber Music Series. It was given its first performance at the 1988 Spoleto Festival by Robison and pianist Jean-Yves Thibodet. The following year it was chosen by the National Flute Association as one of the Best Newly Published Flute Works of 1989.

The Sonata is in two movements: the first, a tightly structured Lento with much contrasting material; and the second, a rondo-like Presto energico that requires the utmost in virtuosity from both flutist and pianist.



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