Damaré, E. - La Tourterelle (The Wren), Fantaisie/Polka

Damaré, E. - La Tourterelle (The Wren), Fantaisie/Polka

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Eugene Damaré (1840-1919) was an accomplished flautist, and pieces for flute and piccolo feature heavily amongst his 400+ works. La Tourterelle (The Wren) was originally written as a piccolo showpiece, and exists in several versions accompanied by piano or bands of different sorts. Set here for a trio of mixed flutes, the piccolo makes its appearance half way through the piece and saves its high flying acrobatics for the final sections - (a little kinder on the ears), but the bubbling song of the wren can be heard throughout, contrasting with some more robust passges lead by the alto flute. A great showpiece for advanced trio.

Grading: 7+

Duration:  4'44

Composer: Damaré, E.

Arranger: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Flute Trio: Fl. 1/Picc, Fl. 2, Alto Flute



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