Kun Shoulder Rest-Original Violin

Kun Shoulder Rest-Original Violin

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Kun Shoulder Rests have set the standard in shoulder rest design and technology. Their strategy is simple and rigorous: they combine high quality with creativity and technical innovation to produce products that consistently lead the field.

Kun's innovations include pioneering the use of composite materials; unique folding mechanisms on Collapsible and Voce rests; the striking Bravo model, with its Italian handmade flamed maple wooden base that echoes the back of a fine violin; and coloured rests that delight young players. The base member of the latest model, the Voce, is made from aerospace-grade carbon fibre, chosen for its superior acoustic properties, strength and light weight, and the Voce incorporates a unique new lateral adjusting mechanism.

Kun holds patents and trademarks worldwide, and is committed to ongoing research and development in order to meet the needs of players at all levels.

Their long history of innovation—together with quality, comfort, durability and good value—means that Kun shoulder rests are overwhelmingly preferred by players worldwide. From New York to New Caledonia to New Zealand, Kun resonates wherever it is heard.

The flexible contoured design delivers outstanding comfort and performance. All parts are replaceable, thus prolonging the life of the rest. Made in Canada.



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