Kickstart Flute Book 2 (flute tutor) by Clare Southworth

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This is Book 2    
This course runs across 24 duets which encompass all genres of music. Written by Andy Scott, one of the most versatile and exciting composers today, these duets offer a unique introduction to different music styles.

Audio tracks for each of the duets are available online, offering you a choice of either playing each part with Clare Southworth and rhythm section, or with just the rhythm section so you can play with a friend or tutor. The 24 duets cover each major and relative minor key and are written in styles ranging from pop, swing, afro-cuban, bossa nova and many more! Scan the QR codes throughout this book with your phone to easily access the online links. Book 2 features Lessons 13 to 24 plus a complete list of all the scales and related patterns.

Each lesson will introduce you to all the basics of learning the flute, with special emphasis on the material required to play the duets such as notes, rhythms, articulations, fingerings and dynamics. You will also learn all the information you need to develop your tone, finger technique and musicality.
Give your flute practice a kickstart with this unique approach to learning!

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