Kelly, Bryan: Songs and Dances for Flute and Piano

Kelly, Bryan: Songs and Dances for Flute and Piano

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Standard: Intermediate

Woodwind players in particular have cause to thank Bryan Kelly for so many tuneful and finely crafted collections of pieces written for their enjoyment. There are eight sparkling additions to the flautist’s repertoire in Songs and Dances for flute and piano. An easygoing combination of baroque movements – an Intrada, Sarabande and Hornpipe – with a lively Polka and Ragtime, a Venezuelan Dance, a Grand Waltz and a soothing Irish Lament, makes for an entirely characteristic blend of moods. The standard is intermediate, and the style laconic, engaging, soigné – pure Kelly!

1. Intrada
2. Venezuelan Dance
3. Irish Lament
4. Polka
5. Grand Waltz
6. Ragtime
7. Sarabande
8. Hornpipe

British composer Bryan Kelly has written a lot for the flute, with both solo and ensemble works and much of it accessible to intermediate players. Songs and Dances is a collection of eight short pieces in different styles for flute and piano, suitable for players of around Grade 3 or 4. There are some nice technical challenges including trills, runs and lots of different articulations, and although the pieces are all in easy keys, there’s lots of chromaticism to take the young player out of their comfort zone.

The songs and dances themselves, including a wistful Irish Lament, a sweeping Grand Waltz and a bracing Hornpipe, will encourage the development of character in the student’s playing as well as offering a satisfying musical experience. Recommended for teachers wanting to avoid ‘just learning from the exam book’.

Clarissa Payne, Music Teacher Magazine




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