Johns, Terence - Aye Flutin' for 4 flutes

Johns, Terence - Aye Flutin' for 4 flutes

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A quartet for three concert flutes and alto flute. Written in a jazz style, this work was commissioned by the flutes of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra for their flute quartet Aye Flutin'. A romantic, melodic middle section is framed by a quick be-bop movement, making it a real showcase for a flute group with an affinity for jazz. Aye Flutin' has been performed at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and broadcast by the group Zauberflöte.

Review: "Lovely addition to the flute quartet repertoire, bright and lively with a Be-Bop Tempo and solos for each part. Should fit together easily and make a welcome addition to an otherwise classical recital, and one I intend on trying out with my flute quartet for possible inclusion in a concert. Great to have some more original music for flute quartet other than just arrangements." - Dr. Rachel Smith DMA, MA, BMus (Hons), FTCL, March 2015

Review: "A jazz-inflected piece with patches of be-bop and improvisation for flutes 1, 2, and 3. For studios, schools, colleges and conservatories." - New Issues February 1996



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