James D’Arcy: In the autumn heat for solo flute (Download)

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Programme Notes
In the autumn heat was written as part of my composition course at the University of Sydney and is dedicated to Catherine Fluke who has been a good friend of mine for many years. Catherine was also the 'rst performer at a concert in, I think, 1999. The piece then languished in my cupboard for some time before I began composing again in 2020, just after COVID-19 caused widespread lockdown. It was then that I had time to begin composing again and I began by reviewing previously completed compositions. The work is in three sections: slow (Lento Freely), fast (Allegro Scherzo), and then a repeat of the initial slow tempo. It has no time signatures allowing the performer to move freely through the phrases without over emphasising speci'c beats in a bar. The quick changes between upper and lower registers of the ute, combined with accompanying dynamic changes, make this work quite challenging for the autist.
The title comes from a T. S. Eliot poem "Burnt Norton", No. 1 of his 'Four Quartets'. Upon reviewing my work I thought perhaps that the title was a little pretentious; but on reflection I can understand my earlier reasoning as the work does have some poetic relationship to the poem - at least in the third stanza. The reader follows a bird through a gate, then shrubs and flower with the surface of a pool "glittered out of heart and light" - there are many images in the poem worth considering as you perform In the autumn heat. I hope you enjoy performing this work. 
James D'Arcy September 2023



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