Hoffmeister, Franz Anton:Concerto for Flute D major (EMB)

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Franz Anton Hoffmeister (1754-1812) was a popular, very creative composer of his age. His oeuvre consists of nine operas, sixty-six symphonies, forty-two string quartets, eighteen string trios, eleven piano trios, five piano quintets, serenades and ecclesiastical works. He composed especially numerous chamber music works for flute in various arrangements (duets, trios, quartets, quintets etc.). Out of his twenty-four flute concertos the one hereby published is marked No. 18 in the catalogue of Hoffmesiter's works, published in 1800. (A copy of that catalogue has been preserved at the Belgian Royal Library, Brussels.) The contemporary handwritten orchestral part-material of the concerto is to be found at the King Stephen Museum at Székesfehérvár, it had got there in 1951 as part of the music collection of the family Verebi-Végh.



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