Hatzis,Christos : Departures (Chamber Duo)  Concerto for Flute & Piano

Hatzis,Christos : Departures (Chamber Duo) Concerto for Flute & Piano

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About the work:

First performed at the 2011 Japan Flute Convention, Departures (2011) is quickly gaining acclaim among flutists as an exciting new flute concerto. This edition is an arrangement of the original work, scored for flute and string orchestra, and has been arranged to work as a stand-alone recital piece while also functioning as a rehearsal tool for the orchestral version. Since its premiere, notable flutists Susan Hoeppner (Canada) and Patrick Gallois (Finland) have presented performances in Mexico and Greece, respectively. The work’s appeal is driven by Hatzis’ unique and eclectic style, which brings in elements of traditional Japanese folk music, blues and burlesque music. Departures is a standout work that makes for a unique contribution to the repertory of contemporary flute concerti


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