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Hart/Butler/Saint-Saëns: Nellie l'éléphant for ensemble

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*HONORABLE MENTION* NFA Newly Published Music Competition 2018. A thoroughly entertaining celebration of everyone's favourite proboscidean! Nellie the Elephant goes on quite a splendid flutey adventure into the world of Saint-Saëns, where she performs an Elephant Ballet (tutus optional) and joins a Grand Procession back to the Circus. This whimsical mash-up works equally well with or without the optional piccolo, Contra and Double Contra, and includes an optional Flute 4 part for lower grades. Off she went with a Trumpety Trump!

 Picc. (opt.) 3 Fls, Fl 4 (opt.) Afl, Bfl, Cbfl (opt.) Dcbfl (opt.)

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