Harris, Paul - Musical Doodles

Harris, Paul - Musical Doodles

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Have Fun Writing Music



Musical Doodles is the secret to having fun with composition! Writing music is often viewed either as complicated, with far too many rules, or something that a computer programme does for you. Imaginatively created by Paul Harris, this inspiring book is all about rediscovering a love for writing down music through musical doodling - enjoying and engaging with creating music on paper. Imaginatively illustrated by Bill Jones.

Musical Doodles works for any instrument or voice! Everything is in C major, with the option to pick a key or clef that's more appropriate for you. The Building Blocks section provides information about the basic elements of writing music. There are no rules here. Composing music is an entirely natural form of human expression. This book is simply about writing pieces to suit your instrument or voice and your imagination. Have fun!



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