Grethen, Luc - Tick Tack for three flutes

Grethen, Luc - Tick Tack for three flutes

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LUC GRETHEN was born on 1st December 1964 in Luxembourg. 
There he studied composition, orchestration and conducting at the 
conservatory in Luxembourg city, as well as oboe and cor anglais 
at the Strasbourg (France) and Mons (Belgium) conservatories. 
He underwent further studies in musicology at the "Université des 
Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg" from 1983-1987, graduating 
with a master's degree. Since 1990 he has been teaching at the 
conservatory of his home town: history of music, and as from 1991 
also education of music. He is very active as a composer and writes 
many works for chamber formations, as well as orchestral and choral pieces. 

TICK-TACK - A clock is not merely a measuring instrument, which 
indicates a precise moment in time or measures a certain lapse of 
time. A clock can also be an inspiration for a piece of music and 
thus the regular ticking of a clock is at the centre of this work for 
three flutes. The idea came to the composer while listening to the 
beat of an old clockwork mechanism. Its regular beat is represen- 
ted by an insistent 8th note movement running on incessantly in 
all three flutes. Level of difficulty: difficult


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