Grethen, Luc My fPhone (2017) for four flutes

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Grethen, Luc
My fPhone (2017) for four flutes (duration 11 '). Part/Sti.

My new fPhone

The "F " in the title, of course, stands for flute; In addition, the four parts of this flute quartet are in F.

In the first part "My new fPhone " the joy of the new owner via a fPhone is clearly expressed: He proudly demonstrates his new mobile phone.

SMS is the second part, in which writing a short message is depicted with a concise motif and quick sixteen notes.

Self-infatuated, the owner takes selfies in the third part, a whole series of photos; He gradually boosts himself into a self-swap to get the best photo of himself. Gradually, he calms down again and comes back to the initial pace Andante.

In the fourth part, tweeting and chirping with all the effort; This flute quartet ends wittily and in good spirits


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