Greaves, Terence - Dance Trios

Greaves, Terence - Dance Trios

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Terence Greaves read music at Oxford and subsequently lectured at the Birmingham School of Music before moving to Manchester as Dean of the Royal Northern College of Music. He has produced a considerable amount of lightish vocal and instrumental miniatures. Some are parodies of classical composers: including Beethoven's Fifth Bossa Nova for wind quintet, Mozart’s Turkey Rock Mambo and Rimsky's Rumba for brass quintet. A Garden of Weeds is an engaging sheaf of five songs for soprano, clarinet and piano - others of his vocal pieces include carols, songs for children and Arachne, a musical play for girls. For piano solo he published the Moon Miniatures and Changing Moods, both in several movements, and this set of Dance Trios for three flutes.

The Dance Trios are four characteristic dance pieces each with a distinct mood. A quirky Romp is followed by a traditional French dance, Bourée, given a cheeky English slant by the composer. The Pastorale is a more traditional English dance, with a slow pulse and haunting melody. This leads us to the playful Gigue with its fast dancing rhythms and lively tune which brings the set to an end.



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