Flute players Tea Towel

Flute players Tea Towel

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This Tea Towel is the perfect gift for any flautist who also loves spending time in the kitchen. Featuring a fun Flute design, this will make an attractive addition to any kitchen.

Shakespeare once said “if music be the food of love, play on”.Surely no two things go together as well as food and music. The classical music that accompanies meals in top-end restaurants enhances the taste while a barbecue is made infinitely better by a chilled acoustic singalong. When you’reusing your slender flautist fingers to make French-fries, you might be reminded to practice those scales, or when you’re busy fluttering around the Flute, you might remember to do the washing up. For the flautist in your life who loves to cook or the chef in your life who loves playing the Flute, this beautifully made Tea Towel will always remind them of their other passion.



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