Flute Book Frederick the Great (II) 100 Daily Exercises (Duets)

Flute Book Frederick the Great (II) 100 Daily Exercises (Duets)

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100 Daily Exercises composed by Frederick the Great and Johann Joachim Quantz

Frederic the Great's Flute Book offers a great number of short, light pieces that can be learned easily, and which can be used to practise such things as articulation, dexterity, dynamics as well as some basic elements of baroque performance practice. The second flute part is designed to enhance these lovely pieces even more since some of them might be a little 'monotonous' when played solo. The authorship of the pieces is not altogether clear: we do know that the majority of them was written by J.J. Quantz, Frederic the Great's court composer and teacher, but some were actually composed by Frederic himself, who was not only an active flutist but also a composer.

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