Floyd, Angeleita S. - The Gilbert Legacy

Floyd, Angeleita S. - The Gilbert Legacy

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The Gilbert Legacy
Methods, Exercises, and Techniques for the Flutist
by Angeleita S. Floyd
Published by Winzer Press

The Gilbert Legacy presents the teaching concepts and methods of the prominent flutist and teacher, Geoffrey Gilbert. In a broader sense, this work seeks to organize, catalogue, annotate, and codify the essence of his teaching principles. A central factor in the success of Gilbert’s teaching style was his logical and thorough process of analysis for diagnosing students’ problems. When documenting these concepts, careful attention has been given to a proper representation of this approach along with his positive philosophy. The value of these principles has been demonstrated through their effective implementation by Gilbert himself, as well as by many of his students how are among the most outstanding flute players in the world today.

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