Fife Pack

Fife Pack

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The Fife pack contains:

  • Yamaha Fife
  • Music Bag
  • Liz Goodwin fife book
An Introductory Course To Playing The Flute is a wonderful book, written by Liz Goodwin, which serves as an excellent introduction to learning to play the Flute.

The Fife is an instrument in its own right, but it is also an excellent starting point to learn the beginnings of really good flute technique - especially how to produce a good sound and how to hold the instrument well. You will learn to develop good hand positions and control breathing, while also learning to read music and develop rhythm.

Composer’s Notes: “……. The purpose of this book is an introductory course to flute playing.
For many years now I have used this method to introduce people of all ages to flute playing and now I would never start anyone in any other way. Over the years I have heard all of the arguments against it – but they have all proved unfounded. I would suggest you approach it with an open mind and discover the potential for yourself.


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