FeBland, Jonathan - 3 Miniatures for flute and piano

FeBland, Jonathan - 3 Miniatures for flute and piano

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Two gentle pastoral movements followed by an agile Rondo, enjoyable and not too demanding provided the performer is reasonably fluent in the top register. PAN 12/1987 Three Miniatures, Aubade, Idyll, and Rondo, represent an attractive addition to the flute repertoire. The standard is roughly between Grades 6-8 perhaps leaning more towards Grade 8 especially in Aubade which requires considerable more control to cope with the wide leaps found in the melodic line, a prominent characteristic. The style is bascially diatonic, but often diatonic chord structures are combined in non-functional relationships, producing a harmonic style which is both unpredictable and exciting. The combination of this feature with rhythmic vitality and a practical approach to the possibilities and characteristics of the instrument result in a set of pieces well worth attention. MAMAMAG 10/1987 These three modern pieces present attractively melodic material for the performer who is just beginning to work on more advanced pieces. The pieces are particularly suitable for the younger performer. The Rondo is particularly enjoyable to play without being too difficult. Recommended. International Journal of Music Education 10/1987

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