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Escaich, T - Vers les cimes [Towards the Peaks] for solo flute

Escaich, T - Vers les cimes [Towards the Peaks] for solo flute

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Vers les cimes [Towards the Peaks]

Escaich, T

Composed in the spring of 2020, the piece describes a relentless ascent that takes place in two phases.

Each of these two parts resembles a form of ritual wherein various melodic motifs seem to be superimposed on a rhythmic, almost percussive base. All these elements unfold in a given register, with their own modality and their own melodic contours, hence a polyphonic conception of the instrumental writing that has likewise defined some of my previous pieces, such as Nun Komm for violin or Cantus I for cello.

Persistent rhythms, melodic abundance, multiple incantations, this hymn to nature, having led its developmental process to its highest point, seems to return to the starting point at the moment it concludes, as if in an eternal recommencement.



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