Emily Beynon Presents: Bel Canto ( De Haske)

Emily Beynon Presents: Bel Canto ( De Haske)

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Emily Beynon, the principal flutist of the Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam, presents 20 short tone studies orvocalises, which were originally intended for the training of singers, but are also good for flutists for the development of skills, such a beautiful sound, a smooth legato or an expressive vibrato.

Bel Canto for Flute offers charming concert pieces and beyond the inspiring experience to be able to play an alternative to the piano with a harp! The CD contains two versions of each piece to hear: a prelude version with flute and harp and another version only with the harp accompaniment!


  • Andante sostenuto: Tosti, Francesco Paolo
  • Andante cantabile: Tosti, Francesco Paolo
  • Sostenuto molto: Marchesi, Mathilde
  • Dolcezza: Concone, Giuseppe
  • Moderato: Tosti, Francesco Paolo
  • Tempo di Valse: Marchesi, Mathilde
  • Allegro brillante: Concone, Giuseppe
  • Andante Concone: Giuseppe
  • Leggiero: Tosti, Francesco Paolo
  • Andante cantabile: Concone, Giuseppe
  • Terzine: Marchesi, Mathilde
  • Andante mosso Marchesi: Mathilde
  • Legato assai: Concone, Giuseppe
  • Andantino cantabile: Concone, Giuseppe
  • Quartine: Marchesi, Mathilde
  • Note ripetute: Marchesi, Mathilde
  • Andantino: Tosti, Francesco Paolo
  • Arpeggi: Marchesi, Mathilde
  • Resumé: Marchesi, Mathilde
  • Moderato: Marchesi, Mathilde


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