Eden - Piccolo! Piccolo! Book 1

Eden - Piccolo! Piccolo! Book 1

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The piccolo is usually considered an extension of the flute, in that thefingering and the basic technique of tonguing and blowing is very simil ar. However, this little instrument has it's own difficulties peculiar to itself. Unlike the flute, it is the middle and low registers that cause the most problems to the beginner on this instrument, with the low register sounding quite breathy and the middle prone to 'crack'. With this in mind, I have tried to produce a selection of short study pieces for the novice piccolo player (but not the novice flute player) specifically to deal with these registers. regular practice of these two registers when first beginning the 'swap' to the piccolo will not only improve the tone you will make on this instrument but will also strengthen the embouchure in preparation for the upper register



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