Eales, Geoff - Song For My Mother (flute & piano)

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The work is a celebration of all that is lyrical and beautiful in music. It is dedicated to my mother, a person who much prefers a simple unadorned melody to the rhythmic excitement and complexity of jazz.

There should be a very strong sense of pulse, and whilst the tempo is unvariable until the last few bars, the music should always flow beautifully and never sound mechanical. Whether being played by flute or piano, the melody must "sing" gracefully at all times. The composer has not indicated any pedal marks. However, in order to achieve maximum legato, the pianist should use the pedal extensively throughout. 

Song for my Mother was recorded by Andy Findon and Geoff Eales on the CD "The Dancing Flute" ( Nimbus Alliance NI 6126 ). It also appears on a nunber of other records : Matt London's tenor saxophone album "Speak Now" ( this version is also published by Astute ), ELF Trio's CD "Reflections" and two albums by the composer's jazz trio - "Red Letter Days" and "Master of the Game


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