Drouet - 3 Little Sonatas for Flute and Piano

Drouet - 3 Little Sonatas for Flute and Piano

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Louis Drouet (1792-1873), much admired virtuoso flautist, composer, musical director and opera director, was 'a flautist of truly European standing and sphere of influence'. His method still forms part of today's standard teaching repertoire. The 'Little Sonatas' published here for the first time as a separate new edition constitute the final part of Part 3 of his method. In accordance with the remarks of Drouet who had two different performance versions in mind, the sonatas are available in two instrumentations: for two flutes and for flute and piano. The piano accompaniment, with its figured bass realized by Gottfried Bach, has been turned into a harmonic accompaniment.

  • - Sonata No. 1 C major
  • - Sonata No. 2 A minor
  • - Sonata No. 3 F major

This product includes pieces featured in grade exams. 

ABRSM Flute 2018–2021 4 5 6


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